Luxus wants the crown jewel of your portfolio to be an actual diamond

A much-anticipated market downturn may finally be here, and investors have been preparing for it by diversifying their portfolios away from the traditional stock and bond holdings, and into alternativ

Mark Cuban-backed Eterneva raises $10M to turn your loved one’s ashes into diamonds

The loss of a loved one is perhaps one of the most traumatic things a person can experience. When it comes to memorializing someone after their death, most people think of planning funerals and/or pic

Self-charging, thousand-year battery startup NDB aces key tests and lands first beta customers

Pleasanton-based green energy startup NDB, Inc. has reached a key milestone today with the completion of two proof of concept tests of its nano diamond battery (NDB). One of these tests took place at

Rare Carat’s Watson-powered chatbot will help you put a diamond ring on it

Valentine's Day is over, but if you're looking for a way to make those fleeting expressions of vestigial patriarchy more permanent, Rare Carat has the service for you.

Researchers Create Diamond “Wires” That Could Power Future Computers

Physicists at Ohio State University have successfully sent an electron “down” a wire made of diamond, a first that could mean new methods of transferring data inside computer chips. As you

Rumor: Verizon's HTC Touch Diamond may launch in October

It’s been a while since we’ve heard news about the HTC Touch Diamond‘s Verizon debut. According to a tip sent into PhoneDog, Verizon’s Diamond model should launch sometime in O

Telus bringing HTC Touch Diamond to Canada

As if Canada doesn’t already have enough good stuff goin’ for it already, Canadian wireless carrier Telus has announced that they will be carrying the HTC Touch Diamond in its CDMA form &#

HTC Touch Pro quick look

HTC had the Diamond Touch Pro – the one with the keyboard – on display today and I got a bit of time with it. It’s similar in size and shape to the Diamond and quite classy looking.

Hackers extract HTC Diamond keyboard, embed it on your weaker, less jewel-like Windows Mobile devices

The folks at XDA Devs has pulled off the soft keyboard from the HTC Diamond — the one that looks kind of like the iPhone keyboard — and has made it available to regular WinMo phones. They

T-Mo Europe launching the Diamond as the MDA Compact IV

Everyone’s favorite classy phone is being redubbed as the MDA Compact IV and sold in Europe — it will come free with certain plans, just like we like it. Sadly they’re dropping the D

HTC Diamond to ship this month

The cat is out of the bag at this point on the device HTC will announce tomorrow in London. The Diamond, which Doug already gave some info on, will begin shipping the 3G device this month. According t

Alleged 'HTC Touch Diamond' photos and details

Rumors are swirling concerning the device that HTC is getting set to launch on Tuesday in London. I’ll be at the event to report that actual facts, but here’s a leaked photo from an Italia

Impending HTC devices get names, more specs

Some new phones from HTC are apparently on their way to Sprint, previously known as Diamond and Raphael. The Diamond will be called the HTC Touch Diamond and the Raphael will be called the HTC Touch P

HTC readying two new CDMA, 3G, slick-looking handsets

Though we can’t say we’re friends with the interface (we’re looking at you, Windows Mobile), we love what HTC does. They make high-end, usually OEM smartphones for the business crowd