• Diablo III Coming To Consoles? (Update: Nope)

    This is pretty nuts. The Diablo series has always been a mainstay of PC gaming — I mean, the entire game is clicking on things. Yet now Blizzard is hiring lead developers for a console version of the game. How are these poor bastards expected to click?! Update: Not so much! Read More

  • Diablo III announced, and it looks freakin awesome

    OMG OMG OMG. I just woke up and it is like Christmas up in here. I tell you, I am nerding out right now. I’ve been digging through all my old games looking for a Diablo fix lately: Titan Quest was good, Sacred was big, Dungeon Siege II was almost as good as I remember,and Shadowgrounds was scary, but it goes without saying that the king of the hill has always been Diablo II. Diablo III… Read More

  • Siren.gif: Blizzard splash page updated with eyes or something, probably means Diablo III

    Oh my stars, the Blizzard Web site has been updated again! Who saw this coming? Answer: everyone. The newest thing, I think, is these eye-looking things in the dead center of Blue Yonder. A friendly tipster thinks that that means a Diablo III announcement is in the works at some Blizzard thing in a few days. Feel free to speculate, since I have zero knowledge of the Diablo universe. Presumably… Read More

  • Something mysterious is happenning on the Blizzard Web site

    What’s up with Blizzard’s Web site? For the past several days, the splash page on Blizzard.com has shown this mysterious, ice blue image. (I’ve been AFK since Monday, so this is all news to me.) As such, Internet speculation is in high gear. Is it Diablo III? Maybe a new race from Starcraft II? No one knows, which makes all the speculation particularly fruitless. Given… Read More