• Motorola is in the black and selling phones

    Now here’s a turnaround I never expected. According to a recent results filing, Motorola is working its way back into solvency and is turning a profit and shipping devices like crazy. The company took a slight loss in mobile sales – about $192 million – but that’s far lower than $550 million last year. Read More

  • Review: Motorola Devour

    Short Version: Hey ladies! Your Droid is here. The Motorola Devour (it’s actually DEVOUR but I refuse to shout at you) is a social media Android phone with enough style to beat down a million Droids. But is it just one more brick in the Android wall? Read More

  • Best Buy becomes equalizer for DROID and DEVOUR, selling both for $99.99

    As if gadget choices weren’t complicated enough, Best Buy might be making your Verizon Android handset decisions a lot more difficult. According to Best Buy’s Facebook page, the DROID is dropping down to just $99.99 with the DEVOUR going for the same exact rate when it’s released on February 25. So many choices, so little time! Need some help? Read More

  • Motorola Devour going for $150 at Best Buy

    It’s the handset that Megan Fox used to make men crumble everywhere, and now it looks like the Motorola DEVOUR can be had at Best Buy pretty soon. At $149.99, it’s $50 less than the DROID, but of course, there are the bells and whistles. Read More

  • Megan Fox introduces Motorola DEVOUR and looks face-slappingly good

    For me, the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. And after you see this one, you may have to agree. Just note that you’ll have to play the video several times over before you realize there’s a phone there – the Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR, to be exact. So, what happens when Megan Fox uses her DEVOUR to send out a hot, wet image via a social network? Read More

  • Motorola DEVOUR recently announced and already getting fondled

    Well that didn’t take too long at all. Just this morning, the Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR was announced, and now in-the-wild pics and hands on impressions are surfacing on the web. Pictured next to the Nexus One, the DEVOUR looks much smaller than it does in press images. So how does it feel and what can be expected from the device? Read More

  • Verizon comes clean and announces the Android-powered Motorola DEVOUR with MOTOBLUR

    The Verizon-bound Motorola Devour wasn’t much of a secret after the retail packaging leaked last week. We knew it was coming, but not so soon because big red VZW just announced it to the world. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not a Droid replacement as Android 1.6 is powering it instead of 2.0. That doesn’t mean it’s not another fine phone to add to… Read More