• Webpage Builder DevHub Sees Engagement Spike After Embracing Gamification

    Silicon Valley loves its buzzwords. And amid the current standbys like “Location-based” and “Social”,  there’s a word that seems to be popping up more and more: Gamification. The basic idea is to incorporate game mechanics, like badges and points, into sites that don’t traditionally have them. This wouldn’t normally be a trivial task, but there… Read More

  • DevHub Now Turns Building A Website Into A Game

    Back in February 2009 we covered the launch of DevHub, a startup that helps users build their own blogs and websites. At the time the site creator was pretty straightforward, with a focus on monetization through some syndication deals. This week, it’s modifying its approach: DevHub now features a gaming mechanic that’s designed to help new users turn their bare-bones blog… Read More