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Cloud native container management platform Weaveworks shuts its doors

Port is aging well as developer portal concept takes shape

Port’s founders decided to build a developer portal, a central place for developers to find all the information about their development projects, at a good time. Companies have been recognizing the

CodeSee adds generative AI to explore code bases with natural language queries

CodeSee was founded in 2019 with the goal of helping programmers understand the entire code base inside a company. The idea was to provide visual maps, so you could see the connections between service

Wing Cloud is building an open source, unified cloud programming language

Running a multi-cloud strategy where you use different cloud vendors for different workloads helps companies avoid vendor lock-in and lets them use the best-of-breed tools across different platforms.

Grammarly to shut down the Text Editor SDK in January

Yesterday, in a blog post, Grammarly announced that it would be discontinuing the Text Editor SDK, the developer tool that puts the company’s automated editing functionality into any app. The to

Speakeasy is using AI to automate API creation and distribution

Just about every developer wants to create APIs to help other companies connect to their services more easily, but creating and documenting an API is a time-consuming process. Speakeasy, an early-stag

BentoML scores $9M funding to expedite AI app development

The success of large language models like GPT has sparked a frenzy of developers eager to make AI-powered applications. But building AI services can be tricky, especially due to the shortage of skille

Harness releases generative AI assistant to help increase developer efficiency

Oso sees huge opportunity in simplifying authorization for developers

We all know what authentication is. You enter a username and password or use your face or your fingerprint, and you can access a device or an application, but what you can do with that application or

Canva introduces new developer tools and $50M investment fund

Canva has been around since 2013, and has been a tremendously successful design platform, raising over $570 million and garnering 135 million users along the way. With that kind of traction, it makes

WireMock lands $6.5M to help developers build and test on mock APIs

As developers work with an increasing number of third-party APIs, they need a tool that mocks those APIs for testing purposes without actually firing the API gateway. Mock APIs mirror the behavior of

What you should know about internal developer portals

Internal developer portals are quickly gaining traction at software companies as they seek to improve their developer experience, and thus, efficiency.

Alchemy launches tool that allows devs to start building dApps within 4 minutes

Alchemy, a web3 development platform, is releasing a new tool to help developers create web3 applications faster, the company exclusively told TechCrunch. The tool, “create-web3-dapp,” will help b

Earthly wants to reinvent continuous integration to make it faster and cheaper

Continuous integration and continuous delivery, aka CI/CD, is a modern development concept where code is being constantly updated and delivered to a central repository, rather than waiting for a set o

GitHub’s Copilot for Business is now generally available

GitHub today announced that Copilot for Business, the company’s $19/month enterprise version of its AI-powered code completion tool, is now generally available, after a short beta phase that sta

Moderne is building automated code remediation for complex code bases

Software today is highly complex, built on APIs, open source libraries and other common code repositories. These pieces make life easier for developers, but when anything needs updating, it can have a helps developers focus on applications instead of infrastructure’s founder Daniel Loreto has worked as an engineer at companies like Google, Airbnb and Twitter, companies with lots of engineering resources to build custom tools. But when he was at his

AtomicJar opens public beta of Testcontainers Cloud, cloud version of open source testing tool

Working with, microservices-based development environments presents a unique set of testing challenges. Richard North developed an open source solution called Testcontainers in 2015 to help ease this

DevZero speeds up programmer tasks by shifting developer tools to cloud

Developers tend to build and test software on their local laptops, but these machines often lack the necessary resources to efficiently run a full-scale development environment. Large companies have b

The rise of platform engineering, an opportunity for startups

Increased developer efficiency requires two key components: better team organization and better tools.
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