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What does selling to platform engineering teams mean for developer relations?

How should dev-centric startups sell their product to platform engineering teams?

Orbit acquires Hoopy to expand its DevRel offerings

Developer relations has become an increasingly important discipline in recent years as developers are now often seen as the decision makers in many enterprises and as service providers aim to offer th

Wordle is being punished by app stores for choosing the open web

Owen Williams Contributor Fascinated by how code and design is shaping the world, Owen Williams is a technology columnist based in Canada who works as a Design Manager by day, and previously wrote for

Why generic marketing approaches don’t work on software developers

Developer marketer Adam DuVander explains why education should be the focus for companies that market directly to developers. CEO Karl Hughes on the importance of using experts in developer marketing

Developer marketing came up in our conversation with strategic marketing firm MKT1, so we called on content marketing production company's CEO Karl Hughes to learn more.

SaaS companies can grow to $20M+ ARR by selling exclusively to developers

Selling to developers is different from the standard B2B playbook, but it isn’t impossible. There’s a considerable amount of opportunity to create real value for this persona.

Google Is Catering To The New Social Developer

<a target="_blank" href="">Julia Ferraioli</a> runs developer relations for Google Compute Engine, the new cloud play the company now has in limited beta. I