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Please don’t learn to code

There’s an idea that’s been gaining ground in the tech community lately: Everyone should learn to code. But here’s the problem with that idea: Coding is not the new literacy. We live in an ultra

3 signs you’ll soon be attending a coding bootcamp at your college

It all started as an alternative to the traditional college education. Now they’ve caught the eyes of deans across the country. Coding bootcamps have been a trending topic in higher education as the

Having Success With Code Bootcamps: Where To Work As A Bootcamp Grad

Hello code bootcamp graduates, and welcome to an exciting and fulfilling career! As you know by now, programming is a highly creative art in which you get to build things that change the world every s

Having Success With Code Bootcamps: A Guide For Employers And Bootcamp Grads

Anyone hiring engineers in tech knows how much competition there is for talent; there just aren’t enough good engineers to go around. As a result of the incredibly high demand for talent, the supply

Coding Academies Are Nonsense

Graduated From An Engineering Bootcamp? Now What?

While hip hop may have ‘too many mc’s and not enough mics’, in tech, there are too many startups and not enough seasoned technologists. Over the last seven years, hopeful entrepreneurs have floo

[Update] General Assembly Partners With Businesses To Offer Credentialing Programs

General Assembly, the vocational training program provider for the white collar (and black turtlenecked) crowd, is now offering credentialed curricula with a consortium of industry partners. The New Y

Switch Is TripAdvisor For Finding A Tech Bootcamp

Thanks to the predicted tech talent shortage and uncertainty in other industries, the idea of switching careers to jump to the tech industry is an enticing prospect for many in these less-than-stellar