Antithesis raises $47M to launch an automated testing platform for software

Software testing is hard. Even with the right talent in place, it doesn’t always go as planned — particularly when executed at scale. In a 2020 survey from Electric Cloud, 58% of developer

Beamer buys Userflow to build a consolidated product engagement platform

It’s M&A season in a tough tech jobs market. This morning, Beamer, a Boulder, Colorado-based company developing tools for businesses to reach users through their apps (e.g. via push notifica

Refact aims to make code-generating AI more appealing to enterprises

In 2021, Oleg Klimov, Vlad Guber and Oleg Kiyashko set out to co-create a platform,, that could convince more companies to embrace GenAI for coding by affording users more customization &#82

Observability platform Better Stack secures $10M cash infusion

Monitoring software and infrastructure in production, the practice known as observability is becoming increasingly harder — not easier. According to recent survey, 69% of developer operations pr

FlutterFlow attracts cash for its low-code mobile app dev platform

Low-code dev platforms have gained momentum in recent years, in large part because they promise to shorten what’s otherwise typically a lengthy app development cycle. According to data from anal

Laredo wants to use GenAI to automate dev work

Developers are embracing AI — some surveys suggests, at least. The Q&A site Stack Overflow polled devs on their attitudes toward code-generating AI tools and found that the vast majority wer

Codegen raises new cash to automate software engineering tasks

Jay Hack, an AI researcher with a background in natural language processing and computer vision, came to the realization several years ago that large language models (LLMs) — think OpenAI’

Microsoft’s new toolkit makes running AI locally on Windows easier

Microsoft’s pushing generative AI experiences from the cloud to… Windows devices. Or at least, that’s what it’s signaling it hopes to achieve with the release of the new Window

Sweep aims to automate basic dev tasks using large language models

Developers spend a lot of time on mundane, repetitive tasks — and surprisingly little on actual coding. In Stack Overflow’s 2022 developer survey, 63% of respondents said that they devote

Anysphere raises $8M from OpenAI to build an AI-powered IDE

Anysphere, a startup building what it describes as an “AI-native” software development environment, called Cursor, today announced that it raised $8 million in seed funding led by OpenAI&#

Amazon CodeWhisperer gains an enterprise tier

On the heels of the debut of its Bedrock service for building generative AI apps, Amazon has launched a new enterprise plan for CodeWhisperer, its AI-powered service to generate and suggest code. The

Kolena, a startup building tools to test AI models, raises $15M

Kolena, a startup building tools to test, benchmark and validate the performance of AI models, today announced that it raised $15 million in a funding round led by Lobby Capital with participation fro

Nx lands $16M to build ‘monorepo’ tools for software devs

Nx, a startup developing tooling to make it simpler for software dev teams to work within a single code repository, today closed a $16 million Series A round with participation from Nexus Venture Part

Qase raises $7.2M to help companies manage their software tests

Qase, an Austin-based platform for managing software quality assurance testing and reporting, today announced that it raised $7.2 million in a Series A round led by Chrome Capital with participation f

Nvidia releases a toolkit to make text-generating AI ‘safer’

For all the fanfare, text-generating AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 make a lot of mistakes — some of them harmful. The Verge’s James Vincent once called one such model an “emoti

Reddit will begin charging for access to its API

Following on the heels of Twitter’s decision to restrict third-party access to its data, Reddit today announced that it’ll begin charging for use of its API. It’s not a blanket polic

With Evals, OpenAI hopes to crowdsource AI model testing

Alongside GPT-4, OpenAI has open sourced a software framework to evaluate the performance of its AI models. Called Evals, OpenAI says that the tooling will allow anyone to report shortcomings in its m

Addressing criticism, OpenAI will no longer use customer data to train its models by default

As the ChatGPT and Whisper APIs launch this morning, OpenAI is changing the terms of its API developer policy, aiming to address developer — and user — criticism. Starting today, OpenAI sa

Bitwise Industries lands $80M to expand its sprawling software dev business

In 2013, Irma Olguin Jr. — a third-generation Mexican American and the first in her family to go to college — was working on making coding instruction available to disadvantaged members of

Streamdal wants to bring greater visibility to streaming data architectures

The rise of streaming architectures — frameworks of software components built to ingest and process large volumes of data from multiple sources — is driving the demand for better reliabili
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