Crunch Report | Theranos’ last blood lab closed after failing inspection

A YouTube messaging feature launches in Canada, Theranos closes its last lab in Scottsdale, Arizona, DoorDash and Postmates start using Starship robotics to test robot delivery and Google buys Fabric

iPhone Devs: Lite/Free mobile apps really pay off

The creator of iCombat wrote an analysis of his experience making and giving away a free “lite” version of his app alongside his paid, full version. The result? It makes economic sense to

To charge or run ads? An iPhone dev's dilemma

<img src="" width="215" height="158" /> <em>This is a guest post written by Bo Wang from iPhone app developer house <

Trolltech Linux Phone For Application Developers

Cell phone application developers have a new tool for developing future products. Trolltech has launched their Qtopia Greenphone, an open Linux mobile device that allows you to write and install your

Firefox 2 Available for Developers (And You) went ahead and downloaded Mozilla’s Firefox 2 Beta 2 edition and were kind enough to do a rundown of the new features. Right now, it’s only available from Mozilla’s

PS3 Development Kit and Screens