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Foursquare revamps its developer site as API usage soars

It’s no secret that developers are the key to Foursquare’s continued success, and as part of supporting that mission the company just launched a revamped developer site, its first major re

UX tool suite Fuse raises $12M to make apps prettier and more productive

For end users, an app's user experience is, essentially, the product. No wonder, then, that app developers are investing more heavily in better user experience toolkits. Fuse is one example. The compa

Party Like It’s 1849: The Developer Tools Gold Rush

“You can’t make money selling to developers.” That was a common axiom that permeated the venture community as recently as a few years ago. But just in the last couple of quarters, GitHub, Stripe

Firefox 23 Lands In Aurora Channel: Kills Blink Element, Introduces Slew Of New Dev Tools

Mozilla today bumped up Firefox Aurora, the pre-beta release channel of the popular browser, to version 23. With this, it is introducing a number of new tools for developers that will now slowly make