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Hackers steal iPhoneUnlockUK mailing list, demand that users ask for their money back

Pity the morons at iPhoneUnlockUK. They sold an iPhone unlock based on the Dev Team’s work and now are paying the price . Hackers broke into iPhoneUnlockUK’s servers, stole their customer

iPhone 3.0 unlock is go – don't try it on your 3G S, though

<img src="">The dev team has released their latest carrier unlock, ultrasn0w, It requires a quick <a HREF="http://blog.iphon

Dev Team shows off iPhone 3.0 carrier unlock, I make a little water in my pants

<img src=""><s>Next Tuesday</s>Today the <a HREF="">Dev Team</a> will post

Dev-Team getting closer to releasing redsn0w, the iPod touch 2G jailbreaking app

<img src="">The infamous Dev-Team dropped a big hint in the form of an image a few days ago that the hacker group was developing an iPod

Dev Team teases iPod Touch 2G owners with redsn0w preview

<img src=""> <a href="">Yellowsn0w</a>, the illustri

QuickPwn 2.1 released for Windows

It took a few days after the iPhone-dev team managed to tear the iPhone 2.1 update open for them to make the port, but Windows users are now free to get in on the 2.1 jailbreak good times. If you&#821