dev kit

Apple launches dev kit program for the Vision Pro

Ahead of the launch of its Vision Pro AR headset in early 2024, Apple’s beginning to seed developer kits to select eligible applicants. The company announced this week that it’ll loan Visi

Parrot announces a dev kit that helps drones see and avoid obstacles

Parrot, the French company that is probably best known for its AR.Drone and Bebop drones, today announced the Parrot S.L.A.M.dunk, a new development kit for helping drones and robots navigate indoors

Imagination Technologies Is Crowdfunding A Dev Kit For IoT

Another dev kit targeting developers and startups that want to build devices for the Internet of Things has launched on Kickstarter -- although its maker, Imagination Technologies, is no startup, but

Microsoft's new Xbox 360 dev kit is gorgeous

Isn’t it gorgeous? Microsoft introduced a new dev kit at GDC and it’s ditched the old cream and grey color scheme for a more aesthetically pleasing getup that comes in black and blue or bl