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  • Truffle Shuffle: Fujitsu's 10-pound, 17-inch Notebook

    The Fujitsu LifeBook N6460 has shown its gigantic 10-pound, 17-inch face stateside. You’ve got your choice of two models, one with a DVD burner for $1,799 after $50 rebate and one with a Blu-ray drive for $2,599. The Blu-ray version also has a 400GB hard drive, which is double the capacity of its less expensive cohort. Both models include an Intel Core 2 Duo processor running at 2GHz, an… Read More

  • HP's New 15.5-Pound Entertainment Notebook

    I’m halfsies about whether or not notebooks should be used for daily entertainment purposes. If you’re on a plane or in a hotel somewhere, go right ahead. Be my guest. But if I come to your house to watch some TV and you have to fire up the old laptop, that’s kinda weird. So it’s with half-hearted enthusiasm that I present to you the HDX Entertainment Notebook PC… Read More

  • How Big is Too Big? Samsung's 19-inch SENS G25 Notebook

    Personally, I think desktop replacements are a little silly (do iMacs really take up that much space?), but lots of folks disagree with that sentiment, including Samsung. Its upcoming SENS G25 notebook has a laughably large 19-inch display and is buoyed by other components you’d sooner expect in a full on desktop… maybe. Actually, the only “facts” we have now are… Read More

  • New Laptops From Toshiba

    Toshiba really seems to have stepped up to the plate when it comes to notebooks on both ends of the market: ultra-portable and gaming. The Portege R500 is Toshiba’s newest addition to the mobile front. Surprisingly this two pound notebook comes with an optical drive which is touted as the worlds thinnest at an impressive 7mm. Click on for more pics and specs… Read More