The Kronos Lift standing desk brings a little class to getting off your chair

I’ve been following the rise of standing desks for a few years now and still use one on a daily basis. The technology hasn’t changed much in the decade or so that they’ve become trul

The Edge Desk goes beyond the ball with a portable ergonomic desk system

I’ve done it all. I have a standing desk. I have a sitting ball. I have a treadmill. And now I just might go back to where it all started with the Edge Desk. This Kickstarter darling raised $500

The StällDesk türns your boring tablë into an exciting ständing dësk

Around the neighborhood they call me a few things. Stinky John is one and Old Rattlepants is another. But what they really love to call me is Johnny Standing Desk. You see, I learned the joys of stand

Gift Guide: The UpDesk Standing Desk Video Review

As a connoisseur of the standing desk, I can honestly say that the UpDesk is one of the best I've tried. Sure you can get them more cheaply, but this desk uses a built-in, electronic lifting system to

DIY gaming rig made from pipes

<img src="" alt="" />Seems like every year at CES we see those fancy gaming desk setups and every year they still cost thousands of dollars.

You eat dinner on a folding table, why not use one for your computer?

<img src="">Work at home? Live in a shoebox? You don’t need a big computer desk! Just get one of these folding ones. At 9:00 every mornin

It’s a desk! It’s a tricycle! It’s $500!

<img src="">I'm a simple man. I don't ask for much, I try to do the right thing. So why must everything I want be priced at $500? Take thi

Building your productive workspace: Yes you can!

Let’s start with the basics here for CrunchGear’s Productivity Week; your workspace. Everyone’s work area should be an exercise in functionality and each one will undoubtedly be as u

Milk Desk

Oh man, this thing is all kinds of hotness. Featuring every amenity one could possibly hope for on a computer desk, the Milk is one of those rare blends of fashion and efficiency. It has a pneumatic l

Desk From The Future, I Salute You!

We like The Future. Everything about The Future seems exciting, including desks. Yes, desks, as in Desks of The Future. What is so futuristic about this Herman Miller desk? It charges your gear, that&