Branch carves out new furniture collection as folks return to the office

Customers can purchase premium furniture without having to go through a dealer, saving on average 50% over buying from traditional retailers.

Press Fit Standing Desk Review: An Affordable Option With U.S. Manufacturing And Materials

A standing desk is a resource for the home office that's increasingly common, but they're still not affordable or convenient in most cases. The Press Fit standing desk began life as a Kickstarter proj

Erwin Sattler Thesaurus – Ultimate Watch Lover’s Desk

<img src="">OMG, how did I miss this release last year!? I recently learned about the Erwin Sattler Thesaurus de

DIY: Coat Hook Headphone Hanger

<img src="" />Need a quick and easy place to store your headphones? I've been unplugging mine and putting them in a drawer, but

Ultimate Murphy bed: The Computer Bed

<img src="" alt="" />If I ever find an affordable place in Manhattan for myself, I'm buying this murphy bed. Maybe.

Deskputer: why don't we all have these?

Now this is a desktop computer. It seems like a pretty obvious idea, and nothing occurs to me off the top of my head that would make it impractical. A custom motherboard with rotated PCI slots, a few

SpaceStation: It's pretty much an $80 USB hub

Here’s an experiment. Put two cables in the opposite corners of an empty room before you leave for work. When you return home, you should find that both cables have entangled themselves together

iGo Desk For Snooty Apple Folk