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Dear Sophie: How do we handle being fully remote when it comes to immigration?

Our startup is looking to fill several new engineering positions. How do we handle H1-B transfers and being fully remote when it comes to immigration?

Amazon Labor Union president tells Senate that workers’ rights aren’t a ‘Democrat or Republican’ issue

Back in February, Amazon tried to arrest labor organizer Christian Smalls for bringing food to warehouse employees during a union drive. One unfathomably monumental labor victory later, and today, the

Dear Sophie: What’s happening with visa application receipt notices?

Our startup has several employees on work visas or employment authorization. Many have been waiting for quite a while for the government to tell them their applications have been received. Why?

Biden’s labor secretary thinks many gig workers should be reclassified as employees

Biden Labor Secretary Marty Walsh charged into the white-hot issue of the gig economy Thursday, asserting that many people working without benefits in the gig economy should be classified as employees

To ensure inclusivity, the Biden administration must double down on AI development initiatives

The Biden administration must clarify current laws pertaining to AI and machine learning models — how we will evaluate use by private actors and how we will govern AI usage within our systems.

Dear Sophie: How can I transfer my H-1B to my startup?

I’m employed at a major Silicon Valley tech company in H-1B status. I want to found a startup. How can I work at the startup?

Dear Sophie: How can we sponsor H-1B transfers and extensions?

I work in people ops at a startup,. but we have no experience with H-1B visas. What should we know about hiring an H-1B visa holder?

Dear Sophie: What is required of employers laying off foreign workers?

Keep in mind that terminating an employee that your company sponsored for a visa or green card can have ramifications for future hiring.

Dear Sophie: Can I still get a green card given COVID-19, layoffs and recent H-1B changes?

"I was recently laid off but found another position at a growing biotech company. How long do I have to apply for a green card?"

Dear Sophie: How can we support our immigrant colleagues during layoffs?

When you lay off employees on an H-1B or TN visa, they will have 60 days or the visa end date plus 10 days — whichever is shorter — to find a comparable job or another visa to remain in the U.S.

Dear Sophie: How do I extend my visa status without leaving the US?

I'm an E-3 visa holder and I usually go back to Australia to extend my visa. Given the COVID-19 travel restrictions, how do I extend my immigration status from inside the U.S.?