Density’s Open Area radar tracks people in a space, precisely but anonymously

Everyone in the world is rethinking shared spaces right about now, and part of that rethink is understanding how they’re used, minute by minute and day by day. Density’s tiny ceiling-mount

Thanks to COVID-19, everybody wants Density’s technology tracking building occupancy and use

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, Density was being used by companies like TechCrunch’s parent company, Verizon, to see how it could better use office space after the Yahoo!/Aol merger. Now, thanks

Density raises $4 million to track crowds at the DMV, theme parks and corporate campuses

The Department of Motor Vehicles is one of the most notorious ways to waste your life away. Density could help ease this pain. Today, Density is launching its people-counting sensor for measuring how

Japan is the world's No. 1 robot country, dwarfs the US and large parts of Europe

<img src="" /> We all would have guessed it and now <a href="">IIEE Spectrum Online has come u