denial of service

  • Your cellphones aren't safe from hackers

    We’re being told to be afraid of hackers again, only now they’re targeting our cellphones. But we use our cellphones! Security experts at Georgia Tech said that hackers, those faceless but utterly contemptible malcontents, could soon turn their attention toward creating botnets out of cellphones. These botnets wouldn’t then be used to send e-mail and so forth, but rather would… Read More

  • New denial of service attack permanently knocks machines offline

    As soon as this story hits Drudge be prepared for all sorts of Chicken Little-related doom and gloom predictions. This ominous photo illustrates the absolute terror we all face. ::cough:: A team of security researchers, an innocent-sounding catch-all description if there ever was one, have discovered a new type denial of service attack that not only does the usual damage, but it also appears to… Read More

  • Shock: Facebook application could initiate denial of service attack if it wanted to

    Well, it seems Facebook is wildly insecure and none of those third-party applications should ever be trusted. Who would have guessed it? Specifically, there’s an app out there called Photo of the Day that ostensibly displays photos of the day ::cough:: from National Geographic. It does more than that, though, and sends unwanted traffic to a chosen Web site. Then that chosen Web site… Read More

  • uTorrent found vulnerable to remote attack; better upgrade quick

    Photo from this girl’s Flickr Users of uTorrent and the official BitTorrent client will want to upgrade to the latest version ASAP because of a recently discovered security vulnerability. It’s been discovered that uTorrent 1.7.5 (build 4602), uTorrent 1.8 (alpha 7834) and BitTorrent 6.0 (build 5535) are all vulnerable to a remote denial… Read More