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  • Japanese Social Mobile Games Company DeNA On Track To Top $1 Billion In Revenue

    The Japanese gaming company DeNA, which is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, reported robust first quarter earnings today. For the fiscal first quarter, DeNA’s revenues reached $279 million, up 175% compared to the same quarter last year. Its operating profits increased by 282% to about $138 million over the first quarter of 2009 (according to the company’s own currency… Read More

  • MobaMingle adds a Japanese flavor to mobile social networks

    We at TechCrunch expect a rapid expansion of the market for mobile social networks. And with the iPhone’s success as one of the main catalysts of the development, services like Facebook Mobile, MySpace Mobile, Loopt (which even offers a TechCrunch-branded version), aka-aki, and others keep cropping up. One of the most recent social mobile networks catching our attention, MobaMingle… Read More