• TC50: Six Noteworthy Startups From Korea And Japan

    Nearly 130 million people use the web in Japan and Korea combined, with Japan itself boasting the world’s third biggest Internet population (94 million users). But getting exposure on an international scale is a big problem for globally positioned web startups in these (and many other Asian) markets. TechCrunch50 has always been very welcoming towards companies from countries other than… Read More

  • TC50: DemoPit Winner oDesk Launches A Real-Time Work Stream For Your iPhone And Desktop

    Each year we see hundreds of impressive applications to TechCrunch50 — unfortunately, we always have a number of great companies that deserve attention but don’t quite make the cut as finalists. That’s why we have our TC50 DemoPit, where we invite a few dozen other strong startups to demonstrate their wares in the conference building’s main hall. Each conference… Read More