• Demonoid is dead, reincarnation imminent

    Another tracker bites the dust. This time it’s Demonoid. Demonoid was big, popular, and I’d bet Demonoid’s not going anywhere. The name might change, the server will absolutely change, but, as Wired says, "According to some reports, while the site is gone, the tracker appears to still be functioning and the downloading continues." And so the eternal struggle continues. Read More

  • Copyright News: Oink and Tv-Links Down, Demonoid Back Up

    After a two-year investigation the torrent directory site Oink has been taken down in a series of raids and arrests in both The Netherlands and England. OiNK was an invitation-only private tracker that mostly dealt with members trading new release or pre-release albums, and primarily in FLAC (lossless) format. The administrator of the site was a 24-year old from the UK employed in the IT… Read More

  • Demonoid Down, For Now

    Our favorite torrent site is no more, at least for today and tomorrow. Demonoid, the previously fully-private torrent catalog and tracker is down, according to reports at TorrentFreak. Trackers have not been responding for over 24 hours, and the site is completely down. Demonoid was the second largest tracker online, after ThePirateBay, and has seen its fair share of legal threats and… Read More