Fracture demo going live September 18 for Xbox 360 Lucas Arts’ upcoming Fracture title won’t be available for retail until October 7th in the US, but everyone will get a chance to play,

Final Fantasy XIII demo to be two-plus hours long

Remember this demo? Japan’s Famitsu magazine reports that the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII demo will be upwards of two hours in length. A two-hour demo, people! Who has that kind of time nowadays

N96 demo site up and running

The N96 – which is similar to the N95 but is one more better – has finally gotten its own special Flash-based web-tour. It goes into all the dirty details regarding GPS, music playback, an

Sweater Friends pilot: What do you think?

Video: AT&T, Microsoft Surface demo

DEMO 2008 Companies Roundup

With the DEMO 2008 conference kicking off today, a bunch of tech companies are making announcements. Here are some of the highlights: BitGravity Content delivery network BitGravity is launching its st

iVideosongs Teaches You How To Be A Real Guitar Hero

For any aspiring guitarists out there, here is a site for you. iVideosongs is launching at DEMO today after two years in the making. It offers video tutorials on how to play guitar from world-class in

Blu-ray's BD-Live caught on video

Blu-ray 2.0 gets demoed and looks kind of cool. I feel like a lot of the stuff going on in the video has been available on HD DVD, but I could be wrong. Video can be found here.

Street Fighter IV demo next month

I haven’t been to Japan in over two decades, so I’m pretty sure I’m due for a trip out East. We know Street Fighter IV is coming and now we’re being told that a playable demo i

Android Demo: Wowzers

Did he say ‘oogle’? Download the SDK here. It’s so easy to build an app and play Sudoku! Watch the other videos after the jump.

Zune 2 80GB interface demo

Here’s a pretty in-depth look at the interface on the new Zune 80GB. I won’t lie, it looks pretty slick.

PC Demo Of BioShock Coming Tonight

I’m with Vince on this whole BioShock thing. I don’t know anything about it, but after watching the trailers and perusing the Web for other tidbits I won’t lie when I say this is goi

Gran Turismo 5 Trailer

Very few video games hold my interest except for Tetris, Moto GP 3 and whatever FIFA game I have for my PS2. It’s no secret that I loathe the PS3 and I make it known if anyone asks my opinion on it

Nintendo DS Demos at An Airport Near You

I need to book my next flight ASAP. Nintendo is getting ready to test out ‘download stations’ at the international airports in New York (JFK: Terminals 2 and 3), Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) and C

Credit Cards Required to Play Demo Wii at Gamestop

. Apparently they tried tethering these wireless controllers, but the experience just wasn’t the same and it just made people cry. In unrelated news, Gamestop is not selling Zune games, assuming

What's Hot at Demo

The DEMO conference is underway here in San Diego and some clear trends are emerging among the 67 exclusively selected companies presenting. Many of the products are just launched and still less devel