• Try-Before-You-Buy App Demo Platform AppSurfer Lets You Test Apps On Facebook; Debuts An Android App Of Its Own

    Try-Before-You-Buy App Demo Platform AppSurfer Lets You Test Apps On Facebook; Debuts An Android App Of Its Own

    AppSurfer, an Indian startup working to bring Android applications to the browser so users can “try before they buy,” is today launching an Android application which lets users browse, test, then install the applications they like. The startup has also added a number of new features to its platform since its debut last fall, including support for tablet apps, accelerometer support… Read More

  • Google’s Chrome Super Sync Sports Turns Your Smartphone’s Browser Into A Game Controller

    Google’s Chrome Super Sync Sports Turns Your Smartphone’s Browser Into A Game Controller

    Google’s Super Sync Sports Chrome Experiment is what happens when you put modern web technology, smartphones and a love of 80s sports games into one rather wacky package where cupcakes race moose heads for virtual gold. The new game, which Google announced this morning, runs in your desktop browser, but you use your smartphone or tablet as the game controller to make your avatars run… Read More

  • The 14 Most Interesting Startups To Emerge From DEMO

    The 14 Most Interesting Startups To Emerge From DEMO

    DEMO Fall 2012 wrapped up in Santa Clara today, where 77 startups took the stage to show off their apps, services and products. The young companies were given six minutes to pitch their ideas and impress the audience, collectively competing for the $1 million advertising prize that went to the idea with the most promise. Read More

  • Scribit Digs Up Content For Your Content Marketing

    Scribit Digs Up Content For Your Content Marketing

    If you’re an entrepreneur struggling to find the time or inspiration to udpate the company blog, a new service called Scribit offers a solution. Scribit was developed by a startup called Vertical Acuity, whose initial product helped publishers syndicate their articles to other sites and find fresh content for themselves. President Joe Fiveash used to work at, and he says… Read More

  • DealAngel Helps You Find The Best Hotel Deals — Not Just The Cheapest

    DealAngel Helps You Find The Best Hotel Deals — Not Just The Cheapest

    Not all hotels are created equal. That’s why paying $150 for a room at one hotel may be a rip-off at one hotel while it may be a great deal somewhere else — and that, in turn, is why DealAngel is launching a new way to search for hotels. When you go into DealAngel and select your dates, the site provides a list of hotels and prices for your trip. Each of those rooms is assigned… Read More

  • DEMO Wrap Up: 7 New Social Startups to Watch

    The DEMO Spring 2011 conference wrapped up yesterday in Palm Springs, and echoing the current climate in the Valley, day two of the conference belonged to startups focused on social technologies. From social CRM platforms, photo sharing, and social networks to aggregation and reader engagement tools to video and group chat, the day’s startups showed that the interest in the… Read More

  • DEMO 2011 Roundup: The Eight Best Startups of Day 1

    The DEMO Spring 2011 conference kicked off yesterday in Palm Springs, featuring 27 startups in the consumer, enterprise, and cloud sectors. Each company was allowed six minutes to make their presentation and try to wow the audience with their product launches. Some let their products do the talking, while others added humor to their pitches. For example, Dr. Shamus Husheer, inventor of the… Read More

  • Bump Founder Talks Rapid Growth, Push Notifications

    The two-year trajectory of Bump Technologies, the designers of the app that makes it easy to swap contact information, music, and other data between mobile devices, is a somewhat interesting case study in the evolution of early-stage app startups. Speaking from the DEMO Conference today in Palm Springs, Founder Jake Mintz told the audience that Bump started as a “nights and weekends… Read More

  • Try My IPhone AR Paper App

    Will You Try My Paper iPhone App?

    I see a lot of demos for a lot of apps. Today, in particular, I sat through a dozen back-to-back demos for startups launching at Disrupt next week. Some of them really blew me away. But none of them quite compare to the unexpected demo I got after my long day when I walked into a Palo Alto CVS to buy some toothpaste. As I was waiting in the checkout line, a very polite Stanford college… Read More

  • The Seven Best Startups At DEMO

    After watching SAP CEO Bill McDermott, HP CTO Phil McKinney, and Square Co-founder Jack Dorsey give their conference spiel today,  I took a stroll into the DEMO pit in order to find the seven best startups at DEMO. While the presentation junkets split all 67 worthy startups into Mobile Technologies, Cloud Technologies,  Consumer and Social and Media Technologies, I’ve culled the seven… Read More

  • Sony files patent for degradable video game demo

    Sony has filed a patent for a new type of video game demo that’s worth mentioning here. Rather than your typical demo, where they give you level to mess around with, they essentially give you the whole game. As you play the demo, the game “disappears.” Read More

  • DEMO Winner Liaise Opens Doors, Debuts Mobile And Team Services

    The winner of DEMO’s enterprise category and people’s choice award, Liaise, is moving from private to open beta by launching their much anticipated mobile calendar integration and introducing their Team Services platform. Liaise focuses on collaboration within email: it analyzes the content within your incoming and outgoing emails, captures the important information (Liaise dubs… Read More

  • DEMO: Liaise Uses Email Collaboration To Track Your Various Projects

    Email has quickly become the center of our daily working lives. Many people receive hundreds of emails a day full of information which needs to be sorted and prioritized. However, with such a high number of emails being received, people are bound to forget about projects or actions which need to be completed. This is where Liaise, debuting at DEMOFall 09, comes into play. Their product… Read More

  • DEMO: Can A Hooking Up And Looking Up App Redeem Intelius?

    There’s really no excuse for going on a date in this day and age without knowing anything about the person — even if they’re a complete stranger. With so much information available about people online whether through Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the like, it’s relatively easy to find out way more information than you probably want to know. And now… Read More

  • Video: Ford Active Park Assist demo

    I dropped by the NY Auto Show yesterday and checked out this active park assist thing from Ford. I was a little skeptical about a self-parallel parking car, but it is 2009 and I’m pretty sure we were supposed to have flying cars by now. Check out the demo I got in the Lincoln MKS. Read More

  • Video: Demo of OnLive

    Douglas did a fine job detailing what OnLive is yesterday and today we’re bringing you a hands-on demo of the cloud gaming service from the GDC show floor. The chap who gave us the demo does a find job of explaining how OnLive works in case you missed yesterday’s post. Sit tight and watch Devin suck at GRID. We questioned one of the OnLive developers about possible bandwidth… Read More

  • DEMO Gets Desperate: Shipley Out, Marshall In

    Things are changing at DEMO, the startup and product-launch conference owned by IDG that competes with our own TechCrunch50 conference. After 13 years, conference organizer Chris Shipley will make way for Matt Marshall, editor of VentureBeat. The two will co-produce DEMO as Marshall gets up to speed, then he will take over. Marshall says he will focus on “injecting deeper… Read More

  • You might be able to play the Halo Wars demo a few days early

    Yes, Microsoft will release Halo Wars here in North America on March 3. Great, right? Sure. But that demo that will be released on Xbox Live on February 5, well, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to play it a few days early. You can thank the good folks at Major League Gaming. Read More

  • How to play the Resident Evil 5 demo on your unmodded American Xbox 360

    Capcom released the demo for Resident Evil 5 last week in Japan, but did you know that you, the average American Xbox 360 owner, can play it right now? It’s extraordinarily easy, since all you need is a bank CD or DVD and the wherewithal to burn a data disc. Are you ready? Read More

  • HTC releases Touch HD demo video, complete with Enya

    I got to spend about 5 glorious minutes with the HTC Touch HD behind closed doors not too long ago, and I’ve been having withdrawals since. We’ve still got a few months before this guy even hits European shores, so it’ll be a while before I can get my Yank hands on it again. In the mean time, I’ll just watch HTC’s newly released Touch HD demo on repeat – with… Read More