How to fake a robotics demo for fun and profit

In March 2008, a roboticist in winter wear gave Big Dog a big kick for the camera. The buzzing DARPA-funded robot stumbled, but quickly regained its footing amid the snowy parking lot. “PLEASE DO NO

Consensus raises $110M to inject automation into SaaS product demos

Garin Hess, a tech entrepreneur based in Utah, experienced what he calls the “demo bottleneck” at a previous software-as-a-service (SaaS) startup while pitching to potential customers. He

Try-Before-You-Buy App Demo Platform AppSurfer Lets You Test Apps On Facebook; Debuts An Android App Of Its Own

<a target="_blank" href="">AppSurfer</a>, an Indian startup working to bring Android applications to the browser so users can "try before they buy," is <a target="_blank" href

Google’s Chrome Super Sync Sports Turns Your Smartphone’s Browser Into A Game Controller

Google’s Super Sync Sports Chrome Experiment is what happens when you put modern web technology, smartphones and a love of 80s sports games into one rather wacky package where cupcakes race moos

The 14 Most Interesting Startups To Emerge From DEMO

<a target="_blank" href="">DEMO Fall 2012</a> wrapped up in Santa Clara today, where 77 startups took the stage to show off their apps, se

Scribit Digs Up Content For Your Content Marketing

If you're an entrepreneur struggling to find the time or inspiration to udpate the company blog, a new service called <a href="">Scribit</a> offers a solution. Scribit was de

DealAngel Helps You Find The Best Hotel Deals — Not Just The Cheapest

Not all hotels are created equal. That's why paying $150 for a room at one hotel may be a rip-off at one hotel while it may be a great deal somewhere else — and that, in turn, is why <a href="http:/

DEMO Wrap Up: 7 New Social Startups to Watch

<img src="" />The DEMO Spring 2011 conference wrapped up yesterday in Palm Springs, and echoing the current climate in the Valley, day two

DEMO 2011 Roundup: The Eight Best Startups of Day 1

<img src="" />The <a target="_blank" href="">DEMO Spring 2011</a> conference kicked off yesterday in Palm Springs, feat

Bump Founder Talks Rapid Growth, Push Notifications

<img src="" />The two-year trajectory of <a target="_blank" href="">Bump Technologies</a>, the designers of the app that

Will You Try My Paper iPhone App?

<img src=""> I see a lot of demos for a lot of apps. Today, in particular, I sat through a dozen back-to-back demos for startups launching

The Seven Best Startups At DEMO

<img src="" />After watching SAP CEO Bill McDermott, HP CTO Phil McKinney, and Square Co-founder Jack Dorsey give

Sony files patent for degradable video game demo

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Sony</a> has filed a patent for a new type of video game demo that's worth ment

DEMO Winner Liaise Opens Doors, Debuts Mobile And Team Services

<img src="" width="215" height="97" />The <a href="

DEMO: Liaise Uses Email Collaboration To Track Your Various Projects

<img src="" alt="LiaiseLogoWebTag2" title="LiaiseLogoWebTag2" width="297" height="135" class="alignleft size-full wp-image-3

DEMO: Can A Hooking Up And Looking Up App Redeem Intelius?

<img src="" width="132" height="200" />There's really no excuse for going on a date in this day and age without knowing anything

Video: Ford Active Park Assist demo

<img src="" alt="" />I dropped by the NY Auto Show yesterday and checked out this active park assist thing from Ford. I was a little ske

Video: Demo of OnLive

<img src="" alt="" />Douglas did a fine job detailing what OnLive is yesterday and today we’re bringing you a hands-on demo of the cl

DEMO Gets Desperate: Shipley Out, Marshall In

<img src="" /> Things are changing at <a href="">DEMO</a>, the startup and product-launch conference owned by

You might be able to play the Halo Wars demo a few days early

<img src="" />Yes, Microsoft will <a HREF="">
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