• Demand Media Acquisition Rumors Heat Up Again. CEO Says No Way.

    Los Angeles based Demand Media, a sprawling network of content sites (that was a big part of a post yesterday on the end of hand crafted content), is rumored to be shopping itself to the big Internet companies. A couple of sources have told us that they’ve recently been talking with Yahoo, AOL and Google about an acquisition, and would like to exit for $1 billion or more. Those rumors… Read More

  • Former MySpace Chairman Richard Rosenblatt's Advice To The New Executive Team

    Richard Rosenblatt was the Chairman of MySpace at the time that it and parent company Intermix were sold to News Corp. in 2005. He is currently the founder and CEO of Demand Media, a Los Angeles based social media company that has raised over $350 million in capital. We asked him to write a guest post giving advice to the new MySpace executive team. You can follow Richard on Twitter at… Read More

  • Yahoo Takes A Gander At Demand Media To Plug Some Holes

    Demand Media, founded by former Intermix Media (the parent company to MySpace) CEO Richard Rosenblatt, has quietly grown into a pretty large business, with rumored revenues of around $250 million, and profitable. It just so happens that what Demand Media is good at – generating lots of advertising impressions and creating niche social networks for media sites, may be a perfect fit for… Read More

  • Ross Levinsohn And Jonathan Miller To Announce New Buyout Fund Next Week

    This news has been simmering for a while. When Ross Levinsohn (pictured left) resigned as the President of Fox Interactive Media late last year it was rumored that he intended to raise a large fund to acquire Internet startups. He soon partnered with Jonathan Miller, the former Chairman and CEO of America Online and the two have been out raising capital for the last few months. Their new… Read More