• Delta CEO Grounds In-Flight Calls

    Delta CEO Grounds In-Flight Calls

    The FCC may have taken the first steps toward lifting the ban on in-flight cell use, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be listening in on any of your neighbors private conversations anytime soon. At least not on Delta. Read More

  • Delta And JetBlue Now Let You Use Your Gadgets During Taxi, Takeoff And Landing

    Delta And JetBlue Now Let You Use Your Gadgets During Taxi, Takeoff And Landing

    It’s been a long time since flying was fun (unless you are reading this on the upper deck of a 747, of course). This week, however, things got a bit more bearable thanks to the FAA’s decision that airlines can now allow their passengers to keep their gadgets on – in airplane mode – during taxi, takeoff and landing. The first two airlines to actually put this into… Read More

  • Delta Sends C&Ds To Startups Tracking Airline Rewards; MileWise, AwardWallet & Others Affected

    Delta Sends C&Ds To Startups Tracking Airline Rewards; MileWise, AwardWallet & Others Affected

    Delta is joining American Airlines and Southwest Airlines as the third major brand to deny travel startups access to users’ frequent flyer accounts for the purpose of tracking airlines miles and rewards. Startups affected include TripIt (reportedly*), MileWise and AwardWallet (confirmed) and others. Here’s the situation in a nutshell: the airlines think your rewards data is theirs. Read More

  • Delta Testing In-Flight iPads For Pilots, XOOMs To Follow Shortly

    Delta Testing In-Flight iPads For Pilots, XOOMs To Follow Shortly

    While they have typically gone with proprietary tech, Delta has begun testing some off-the-shelf tablets for use as “electronic flight bags” for their pilots. The test program has 22 iPads flying the friendly skies, giving pilots access to flight charts, equipment manuals, and in-flight WiFi in a 1.6lb package. Delta thinks that having iPads onboard will make for stronger… Read More

  • Study: 82% Of U.S. Consumers Bail On Brands After Bad Customer Service

    Study: 82% Of U.S. Consumers Bail On Brands After Bad Customer Service

    New research from RightNow and Harris Interactive…reveals that 82% of consumers in the U.S. said they’ve stopped doing business with a company due to a poor customer service experience. Of these, 73% cited rude staff as the primary pain point, and 55% said a company’s failure to resolve their problems in a timely manner drove them away. Almost everybody surveyed, a full 95%… Read More

  • Delta Would Rather Charge For Extra Baggage Than Run An Ad

    Remember back in 2008, when the airlines told us that they needed to add extra charges and fees because of rising fuel prices? Please tell me you didn’t think when fuel prices went down they’d drop those fees? It all comes down to profit, and we can definitely see that given what happened to Scott Jordan from ScottEVest. Scott makes a line of travel clothing, and in recent months… Read More

  • Video Review: Delta Pilar ToucH2O CrunchGear – Delta Pilar ToucH2O review from John Biggs on Vimeo. I present to you the Delta Pilar ToucH2O, an touch sensitive tap. I’ve seen it online for about $400 so you have to really want to be able touch your tap… Read More

  • Delta faucet is straight out of Harry Potter

    So you’re sitting around looking at faucets like my buddy Sam was. And you happen upon a cool-looking faucet from Delta. It looks really pretty. Huh. But it’s $434.38. Why? You read on. Suddenly you see something magical: “Start and stop the flow of water with just a tap anywhere on the spout or handle.” Let me re-paste that: “Start and stop the flow of water… Read More

  • Aircell now offering mobile phone pricing for Gogo service

    Aircell has reduced the price of their in-flight Wi-Fi service Gogo to $7.95 for users who just want to connect their handheld devices. Let’s face it, when you’re stuck in coach on an American flight, you don’t want to pull out your laptop only to have it crushed by the passenger in front of you. Gogo is currently available on American Airlines, Delta and Virgin America… Read More

  • Delta jumps on the in-air WiFi bandwagon

    CNet is reporting that Delta will add WiFi service to some of its flights in 2009. Initially available on shuttle flights, long-term plans are to make WiFi available on all 330 planes in Delta’s domestic fleet. Expect to pay $10 on flights up to 3 hours, and $13 on flights over 3 hours. Read More

  • Delta Airlines will filter in-flight Internet access after all

    While Delta initially said it had no plans to filter Web sites from its in-flight broadband offerings, complaints have caused the airline to change its mind. When the service launches later this, Delta will block inappropriate Web sites, thus saving humanity from itself. A Delta spokesperson says the filtering will be limited in scope, he didn’t elaborate as to what exactly… Read More

  • Delta announces LED-lit DLP projector; AV crowd looks on curiously

    Delta Electronics took the IFA global stage and announced the companies first LED-powered DLP projector. The initial specs sound good – expect one, keep reading – 1080p, large color gamut, and 20,000 hours on the LED unit. The company didn’t announce pricing yet, but it will be at CEDIA next week so I’ll hit ’em up with some questions then. Before I ask about… Read More

  • Delta now accepting cell-phone boarding passes

    Delta passengers at New York’s LaGuardia Airport (if you haven’t been stuck there for four or five hours yet, you simply MUST try it) will now be able to pull up their boarding passes on their favorite mobile devices. Phones can be used to check in for flights and also at security checkpoints and gates. Security agents and Delta employees presumably scan an image of a barcode… Read More

  • Delta gets probably the most expensive flight simulator on the planet

    Does that thing look cool or what? I’d like one for playing games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil — total isolation, total darkness. Plus, no one would hear me scream and weep, unlike at my apartment. The object pictured is the top-of-the-line CAE-7000 commercial flight-sim system put out by CAE, a major provider of such things. Delta’s using the CAE-7000 to train its… Read More

  • Delta to get better, weirder seats by 2010

    The constant attempt to ignore the person next to you on the airplane is about to get a little bit easier, thanks to Delta’s plans to install these Thompson Solutions Cozy Suite seats on all of its Boeing 777 and 767 airplanes by 2010. Read More

  • Nicholas' notebook: Nowhere near SXSW yet, thanks Delta!

    [photopress:Delta_Airlines_Sucks_in__Container_small.jpg,full,center] Never, ever fly Delta. I was supposed to be covering SXSW for CrunchGear. Question—how am I supposed to cover the show if I never get to leave the Atlanta airport? That’s right, Delta, which fancies itself as an airline but that would require planes that take off and leave from airports, has screwed me so very… Read More