HackerRank Gets $7.5M Investment From Recruit, Launches New Screening Tool For Data Scientists And Database Engineers

Disrupt Battlefield <a href="">alum</a> <a target="_blank" href="">HackerRank</a> today announc

In India, A Chauffeur Trumps Michelin-Starred Chef In List Of Startup Perks

In a bid to relieve the staff from one of the most stressful and lengthy parts of an Indian employee's day -- the commute -- the fast-growing e-commerce marketplace <a target="_blank" href="http://www

Safecity Crowdsources India’s Sexual Assault Incidents To Highlight Danger Zones

Four Indians are exposing India's sexual harassment hotspots via <a target="_blank" href="">Safecity</a>, a website for victims to anonymously report when and where they

Real Estate Startup CommonFloor Solving The Last Mile Problem By Hiring BMWs And Mercs To Chauffeur Indian Customers

Indian real estate startup <a target="_blank" href="">CommonFloor</a> has made its first major move since <a href="

India’s Meru Cabs Launches Smartphone Apps With Emergency Distress Button

In its smartphone debut, Meru Cabs is targeting a more diverse group of users than just taxi customers: it's hoping to save people caught in a dangerous situation -- a necessary feature in a country w

India’s Acid Burn Victims Crowdsource Treatment Costs After Attacks

Indians bear witness to an estimated 1,000 acid attacks a year, largely against women rejecting unwanted marriage proposals or defending themselves against male attackers. Now, the women, often from i

As It Hits 3M Users After 6 Months, hoppr Checks-In Its Bid To Be India’s Foursquare

While Foursquare has been concentrating on smartphones for some year now, much of the rest of the world has remained on a feature phone (though that of course is changing). So the opportunity to do lo