New Palm OS delayed, again

Come on, Palm! First you fold the Foleo, which broke Doug’s heart, and now you’re delaying your new OS until the end of next year! The new OS is purported to allow Palm to unveil a slew of new pro

Samsung BD-U5000 dual format player delayed

Samsung’s attempt at hitting middle ground with the BD-U5000 –instead of siding with either HD-DVD or Blu-ray– has recently been delayed to December in the U.S, and early 2008 for Eu

Dell Responds to Complaints About Color Inspiron Line

Lionel Menchaca over at Dell is a great guy. He represents Dell to the blog-world and takes the heat, makes the meetings, and spreads the love the best he can. I’ve been working with him for yea

Dell Experiencing Shipping Delays, Again

Let this be a lesson to all of you. Dell struggles when it comes to shipping things in a timely manner and who really wants a bloated 7-pound laptop? This time around it’s the XPS M1330 and Insp

Rockstar Plays Scrooge: Grand Theft Auto IV Delayed Till Spring

Don’t blame the heads of Sony and Microsoft’s game divisions for wanting to sleep in today; they just learned that Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed until next spring, throwing off thei

Microsoft Office For Mac Delayed Again

It’s no surprise Microsoft isn’t a fan of Apple. So it makes perfect sense that Microsoft Office for Mac was pushed back from Q3 2007 to January 2008. The decision comes not from tired pro

No Free Phone Calls For You: Blyk Delayed

Blyk is supposed to be some sort of Euro-only free cellphone service that depends on ads and interstials to offer free calls and texting to subscribers. As we all remember, this business model really

Microsoft Apologizes For Ultimate Extra Delays

So you rushed out and upgraded to Vista Ultimate or paid extra for it with your new PC as soon as you heard about how great it was because it was gonna have a buncha Ultimate Extras?! No, probably not

More Insight Into Leopard Delay

Yeah, yeah, we know already know that Mac OS X 10.5—Leopard to you and me—has been delayed until October. And we kinda know that the delay is because of the iPhone. But what does that even

Apple Delays OS X Leopard Due to iPhone

Apple has announced that OS X Leopard is now officially delayed. The reason? The iPhone. That’s right, Cupertino had to “borrow some key software engineering and QA resources” from L

No Apple TV in February, March Looking Likely

Waiting for your Apple TV? Yah, me too. The Apple store website has changed the shipping date from late February to mid-March, something disappointing. Reuters confirmed the change of date with Lynn F