Google delays move away from cookies in Chrome to 2024

Google is again delaying plans to phase out Chrome’s use of third-party cookies — the files websites use to remember preferences and track online activity. In a blog post, Anthony Chavez,

Nvidia’s Project Shield Release Gets Pushed Back To July Due To “Mechanical Issue”

The Nvidia Project Shield, a handheld gaming device from the graphics card-maker that was set to debut Thursday, will be delayed until July, the company revealed today. In a statement provided to Tech

Denon's DVD-A1UDCI universal Blu-ray player will come later than expected

<img src="" />Denon announced the DVD-A1UDCI, a universal player that supports Blu-ray discs, SACDs, CDs, DVD-Audio and

Netflix shipping some DVDs again

Per Reuters, Online DVD rental pioneer Netflix Inc resumed some shipping on Thursday after the most severe outage in its history stopped distribution to a third of its 8.4 million customers. Some cent

Sega Toys/Hasbro won't give us their music robot A.M.P. anytime soon, it seems

Sega Toys in Japan seems to have postponed the release of the “Automated Music Personality” robot A.M.P. for an unknown time period. Apparently, potential buyers in the US, where Hasbro wi