As the Western US burns, a forest carbon capture monitoring service nabs cash from Amazon & Bill Gates-backed fund

Pachama, the forest carbon sequestration monitoring service that tracks how much carbon dioxide is actually captured in forestry offset projects, has raised $5 million in fresh funding from a clutch o

Can Upcycled Smartphones Help Stop Illegal Rainforest Logging?

The world has an e-waste problem. And a climate change problem. So it would be fittingly neat if e-waste, in the form of old smartphones, could be put to work combating climate change by helping to pr

Food Is The New Frontier In Green Tech

<img src="" class="shot2"/> <em>This is a guest post from <a href="">Ali Pa

Google Helps Battle Deforestation With The Cloud

<img src="" width="215" height="132" /> le global warming would be to curb deforestation around the world. Googl

Space camera to monitor deforestation in Congo Basin

The UK and Norwegian governments are getting set to launch a $215 million project designed to “curb climate change by preventing deforestation” in the Congo Basin, according to BBC News. Part of t