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Don’t Worry: You Can’t 3D Print A Machine Gun

Prepare yourself for an onslaught media panic because the Ghost Gunner, essentially a kit that lets you print your own AR-15 lower receiver, is ready to ship and getting press attention again. The Gho

The Constitution And The 3D Printed Plastic Pistol

By now, you have probably heard about the Liberator, a 3D printed plastic gun designed, assembled, and test-fired by Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. Is it legal?

Defense Distributed Claims To Have Produced The First Fully 3D-Printable Pistol

While Defense Distributed, the Thingiverse for gun parts, has been working on a 3D-printed lower receiver for the AR-15 for some time now, they’ve finally announced that they’ve completed

Defense Distributed Prints An AR-15 Receiver That Has Fired More Than 600 Rounds

<a href="">Defense Distributed</a>, a group run primarily by gunsmith Cody Wilson, has released a video of an AR-15 with a 3D-printed lower receiver