• Defective batteries causing iPod Nano fireworks

    Just caught news on the Today Show (in between some Eliot Spitzer segment and another, less interesting but more sensational Eliot Spitzer segment) of the iPod Nano batteries causing sparks to shoot out of units marked with model number MA099J/A (pictured right). Apparently the problem was found back in January but wasn’t reported by Apple to the Japanese trade and economy ministry… Read More

  • Yes, Virginia, Some Halo 3 Discs Are Defective

    AP photo of the star of “High School Musical 2” and Zac Effron How do you like that—some Halo 3 discs are, in fact, defective. The limited edition’s tin packaging doesn’t securely hold the disc in place, causing it to slip and slide inside. Hence, scratched, defective discs. Microsoft hasn’t said how many discs are scratched, nor how many it expects to… Read More