‘Unhackable’ BitFi crypto wallet has been hacked

The BitFi crypto wallet was supposed to be unhackable and none other than famous weirdo John McAfee claimed that the device – essentially an Android-based mini tablet – would withstand any

Russian indictments show that the US needs federal oversight of election security

President Trump’s Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin, on the heels of 12 Russian intelligence officials indicted for hacking the 2016 election, made it clear that this administration has zero com

Diversity and inclusion, data privacy and security ops will be on everyone’s mind at RSA

This week, 50,000 security professionals will descend upon San Francisco for the 27th Annual RSA Security Conference, arguably the largest global security event of the year. And for the security comm

A $30 Dongle Can Unlock Your Car And Garage Remotely

Hacker Samy Kamkar has created a clever system for capturing and playing back the radio signals that can open your garage door and car. It costs $30 and could spell the end of the laughably insecure s

Notes From Crazytown, Day One: The Business Of Fear

Can your computer be hacked? Yep. Can your phone be hacked? Yep. Have your passwords been harvested? Very possibly. (The NYT just reported that one Russian group has <em>more than a billion</em>, thou

What Happens At Def Con Stays With Us All

There's nothing like attendance at the annual <a target="_blank" href="‎">Black Hat</a> and <a target="_blank" href="‎">DefCon</a> security/hacker c

Hackers Show DIY Defense And Disaster Response Gear At Defcon

I tend to think of Defcon as a sort of massive free-for-all, with thousands of hackers all trying to be the one that replaces the speaker's Powerpoint slide with a skull and crossbones, that sort of t

Defcon Researcher Creates $1,500 GSM Interceptor

<img src="" />Defcon, the hacker conference, wrapped up yesterday, and while I spent all day knee-deep in Forumula 1 coverage word got out

FBI pokes around Defcon social engineering contest that tries to obtain corporate information

<img src="" />The world-famous Defcon hacker conference is currently ongoing in Las Vegas, and we already have our first bit of controver

DefCon badge hacks: 2009 edition

<img src="" />The infamous <a href="">DefCon</a> hacking and security convention is underway, and of cours

Defcon founder named to Homeland Security Advisory Council

<img src="" />Kudos to the Obama Administration for hiring Jeff Moss, of Defcon fame. The Defcon founder is now a part of the Homeland Secur

Undercover 'Dateline' Reporter Busted At DefCon

[youtube] DefCon, the annual hacker conference, has a strict policy concerning journalists: filming attendees without their permission is off limits. Datelin