• A $30 Dongle Can Unlock Your Car And Garage Remotely

    A $30 Dongle Can Unlock Your Car And Garage Remotely

    Hacker Samy Kamkar has created a clever system for capturing and playing back the radio signals that can open your garage door and car. It costs $30 and could spell the end of the laughably insecure systems now in place that protect our rakes and Land Rovers. Read More

  • Notes From Crazytown, Day One: The Business Of Fear Crunch Network

    Notes From Crazytown, Day One: The Business Of Fear

    Can your computer be hacked? Yep. Can your phone be hacked? Yep. Have your passwords been harvested? Very possibly. (The NYT just reported that one Russian group has more than a billion, though it’s unclear how many are salted and hashed.) So how worried should you be, exactly? …Good luck getting a real answer to that. Almost nobody has a strong incentive to give you one. Read More

  • What Happens At Def Con Stays With Us All

    What Happens At Def Con Stays With Us All

    There’s nothing like attendance at the annual Black Hat and DefCon security/hacker conferences to hike your paranoia into the red zone and keep it there forever. You come away with the sense that nothing, anywhere, ever, is safe–and that’s just from talks given by people willing to publicize their work. Compared to the secret legions of the NSA and other governments’… Read More

  • Hackers Show DIY Defense And Disaster Response Gear At Defcon

    Hackers Show DIY Defense And Disaster Response Gear At Defcon

    I tend to think of Defcon as a sort of massive free-for-all, with thousands of hackers all trying to be the one that replaces the speaker’s Powerpoint slide with a skull and crossbones, that sort of thing. In fact, it’s just a bunch of people who like to fiddle with stuff — whether it’s security, hardware, code, or what. It’s the people who tend to not just… Read More

  • Defcon Researcher Creates $1,500 GSM Interceptor

    Defcon, the hacker conference, wrapped up yesterday, and while I spent all day knee-deep in Forumula 1 coverage word got out about a $1,500 cellphone interceptor. The device—it’s more of a mishmash of devices kinda of clunked together than a singular device—exploits weaknesses in the GSM phone standard, and could be used to intercept and record the conversations you have on… Read More

  • FBI pokes around Defcon social engineering contest that tries to obtain corporate information

    The world-famous Defcon hacker conference is currently ongoing in Las Vegas, and we already have our first bit of controversy. (I fully expect plenty of “evil hackers do bad things” stories to pop up in the coming hours.) A social engineering contest that encouraged participants to try to social engineer their way into major corporations has drawn the ire of THE MAN, specifically… Read More

  • DefCon badge hacks: 2009 edition

    The infamous DefCon hacking and security convention is underway, and of course when you put together hundreds of talented coders, hackers, and modders, something fun is probably going to happen. And it’s definitely going to happen if you outfit all your con-goers with electronic badges equipped with a microcontroller and tell them to go wild. This year, the badges also had a microphone… Read More

  • Defcon founder named to Homeland Security Advisory Council

    Kudos to the Obama Administration for hiring Jeff Moss, of Defcon fame. The Defcon founder is now a part of the Homeland Security Advisory Council. He’ll report directly to Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Read More

  • Undercover 'Dateline' Reporter Busted At DefCon

    DefCon, the annual hacker conference, has a strict policy concerning journalists: filming attendees without their permission is off limits. Dateline NBC’s Michelle Madigan registered for the conference as a programmer, not a journalist, and was said to be lurking around with a hidden pinhole camera allegedly trying to catch a federal agent on camera. Madigan was in attendance at what… Read More