• Facebook Threatens To Sue TechCrunch Commenter

    Facebook Threatens To Sue TechCrunch Commenter

    Last year, Alexia covered a funny Chrome web browser extension called “Defaceable” that allowed you to comment anonymously on Facebook and on other websites using Facebook Comments. Instead of having to associate your comment with your real name and identity, the Defaceable extension let you once again post your troll-isms to friends’ walls and blogs like TechCrunch (which… Read More

  • Defaceable Lets You Comment Anonymously On Facebook Comments

    If you miss being able to blather on about Android versus iPhone or express your irrational hatred of a certain author, startup or device without having to attach your name to it (and don’t want to go through all the trouble of creating a dummy Yahoo/Aol account) you might be in luck with a new Chrome extension that lets you comment sans identity on Facebook Comments. Defaceable… Read More