• Unfortunately, These Han And Greedo Bookends Are Sold Out

    Where these came from, I don’t know. I’ve done a little searching and there don’t appear to be any Han/Greedo cantina bookends anywhere on the internet. It’s too bad, because they’re definitely the coolest Star Wars bookends I’ve seen… and brother, I’ve seen a lot of Star Wars bookends. Read More

  • Finally, a worthwhile use for all those old National Geographics

    I love National Geographic, but man, there are a lot of them out there. How many basement bookcases sag under the weight of 20 years of National Geographics? It’s one of those magazines that people tend to keep rather than recycle after reading — to its credit, no doubt, but perhaps it’s time to do something else with them. I don’t often approve of dismembering print… Read More

  • Lamp poster (poster lamp?) adds a surrealist bent to your bedroom

    If you don’t have room in your office for another lamp, yet find yourself squinting as you read over your books and parchments, then perhaps you should consider investing in one of these fabulous lamp posters. Sure, you could just open the window, but you’d have to get out of your chair. Plus, when people see this, they’ll immediately think you well-versed in surrealist art. Read More

  • Bookshelf with integrated bookend: nice for minimalists (and cube-lovers)

    The design of this little shelf is easy to appreciate. While personally I have little use for bookends (my issue is not having enough bookcases to begin with), it does occasionally happen that you don’t have the exact number of books you need to fill a shelf. That’s where this little cube comes in. Read More

  • "Bloom" light shows what's possible with 3D-printed decor

    Doesn’t this look like something you’d see in an alien’s house? It is in fact real, and is a lamp design by Patrick Jouin for MGX, a group that does lighting via 3D printing techniques. We’ve posted a few times about Shapeways, which does fabrication of submitted 3D models, but these are designer. I think it really does open up like that, but I can’t imagine the… Read More

  • Ecolok's flat-pack furniture will be handy in our dark, overcrowded future

    In the future, when overpopulation has forced us all to live in 6×6-foot pods, flat pack furniture will be indispensable. You’ll wake up, collapse your bed, and pop open a chair and coffee table for your morning bowl of nutrient gel. The hidden Illuminati of the world are already planning for this and hoarding them, which explains why you can’t order anything from… Read More

  • For the true Apple lover: the iMac G4 lamp

    So your friend is an Apple head. He’s got the Mac Pro, the MacBook, the Air, the iPhone; he’s got Apple sheets, an Apple tattoo, he eats an apple every day — right, he’s got it all. …or does he? Read More

  • Did you know? You can make furniture out of wood chips and resin!

    Chances are you already have some furniture made of wood pulp and sawdust in your home — all that Ikea stuff? Yeah. But this is a little different. Some brave furniteers (?) decided that the texture of raw wood bits and resin was too attractive to leave in the workshop, so they put together a few casts and made a coffee table and some stools with it. I think it turned out quite nicely… Read More

  • Cool home project: DIY shelves from steel piping

    If you’ve got an area you’d like to fill with shelving, this looks like a great solution — if you don’t mind the industrial look. And the brilliant part is that it takes almost no craftsmanship skill to make — just measure, decide on shelf sizes, then take a trip to the local hardware store. Useful if your books are heavy or you’ve taken to collecting really… Read More

  • Repurpose an Ikea door into a desk, save $100

    Decided to outfit your place with Ikea stuff but still have to find a way to tighten up the budget? Have I got a deal for you. What you really need is a decent desk, right? Well, what is a desk but a flat surface on some legs? And if you’re too fancy to use a sheet of plywood and some sawhorses to do the job (the rustic look), you can piecemeal together a desk from one of these Ikea… Read More

  • Sliding Windows 3.1 real-life windows

    I’ll be damned, will you look at that? Called “Fenêtres 3.1” (fenêtres being French for “windows”), this concept by designer John Nouanesing is basically a sliding window unit painted like the old Windows 3.1 user interface from the inside. There’s even what appears to be a BSOD pull-down shade. Nice touch. [via Unplggd] Read More

  • The new crop of digital photo frames

    [photopress:kodakex1011.jpg,full,center] Mr. Pogue at the Times today has a little roundup of digital photo picture frames. He tries out the eMotion, Parrot DF7220, Kodak EasyShare EX1011, eStarling Digital Wireless, Momento 100, PanDigital WiFi Picture Frame and SmartParts SP8PRT. The main thesis here is that all of those frames are much improved over previous years’ incarnations. For… Read More

  • Sonace Speakers Are Nearly Invisible Sorta, Kinda

    That nagging wife of yours refuses to let you install big, manly speakers in your living room? My first suggestion would be to file for divorce, but my second suggestion would be to check out these “invisible” Sonance Architectural Series speakers, specifically the Fascia Z8F. They recede into the wall and you’ll notice that there’s no grille, no visible screws, no NOTHING! Read More