• TC50: Japanese Companies Take The Role Of Representing Asia

    Japan, the world’s third biggest Internet market in terms of web users (following China and the US), disappointed at last year’s TechCrunch40 conference with no company from Nippon presenting in San Francisco at all. But this year, the country bounced back, with a total of three companies having been selected as TechCrunch50 finalists and two others as DemoPit companies. These are… Read More

  • TC50 (Demopit): Firefox Extension Deckkr Wants To Simplify Web Browsing

    At TechCrunch50, there were a number of promising web companies, which didn’t make the cut as TechCrunch50 finalists, but were chosen as DemoPit participants instead. One of these companies, which I thought was especially noteworthy, is called Mulodo, a web start-up based out of Tokyo. Mulodo showcased Deckkr, a Firefox extension that makes it possible to get around the web without having… Read More