Getting serious about Series B: 3 documents that will help founders control the narrative

Founders should think of three primary documents as their holy trinity: the deck, the strategy memo and the forecast model to capture attention and ensure info is transmitted clearly. secures $20M to gamify deck presentations

When it comes to presentation creation, PowerPoint and Keynote remain the de facto tools by incumbent advantage. PowerPoint has more than 1 billion installs and 500 million users alone, thanks to Micr

What to expect when pitching European VCs

Fundraising is the single most important thing you can do for your business, but I know very few founders who enjoy the process.

Should you pay $50K for your pitch deck? Yes, why the hell not?

Every once in a while on VC Twitter, a comment or statement seems so outlandish, so completely outrageous, that it must be — certainly has to be — false. Such as it was for Primary Ventures invest

Deck, A Cloud-Based Presentation App From India, Raises $600K From Qualcomm, Hotmail Co-Founder

Deck, a mobile-first app that lets users create presentations on the go, has raised a $600,000 seed round from Qualcomm Ventures and angel investors led by Sabeer Bhatia, the Hotmail co-founder. The B