Celadyne coats membranes with nanoparticles to make hydrogen fuel cells more efficient

The material could drastically improve the durability of existing fuel cell designs while also improving the efficiency of hydrogen production by 15%-20%.

Tangible wants to scale up construction decarbonization

The real estate industry is a bit of a greenhouse gas powerhouse, responsible for 40% of all global emissions. A quarter of that comes from building materials, and Tangible has had enough. The compan

Pass the grass: How Plantd aims to decarbonize new buildings

No matter how you slice it, buildings are serious climate change drivers. Every component of the so-called built environment — from off-site materials production and construction to electricity and

Private investors appear key to COP27’s ‘loss and damage’ fund for vulnerable countries

COPs are traditionally about setting targets, and COP27 finally gives countries a tool to achieve them.

‘Simply decarbonizing’ isn’t enough: Third Nature targets $35M fund

With a glitzy vision of tackling some of “the biggest planetary challenges,” Third Nature is out to raise $35 million for its first VC fund, TechCrunch has learned. Third Nature has secure

Tesla, SpaceX alums stalk energy sector’s white whale with $2 million seed round

Hgen hopes its "whole widget" approach to hydrogen production can decarbonize heavy industry and long-haul shipping.

BlocPower wants to evict fossil fuels one building at a time

BlocPower founder Donnel Baird grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn in the 1980s. The area was so poor that buildings often lacked decent heating systems. People would turn on th

Evok Innovations raises a fund to put industrial decarbonization into high gear

Silicon Valley has gotten fantastically efficient at funding apps, SaaS and developer tools. It turns out, though, that climate change cares a lot less about bits, bytes and stored procedures —

With a plan to decarbonize heating systems with hydrogen, Modern Electron raises $30M

A huge amount of energy use on our planet goes toward creating heat, and not only that, but a large amount of that energy is wasted and byproducts like CO2 blasted into the atmosphere. Modern Electron

MIT spinoff Via Separations scores $38M Series B to decarbonize manufacturing

Via Separations is a startup from a couple of MIT material science engineers who figured out a way to reduce the amount of energy required in a manufacturing process, resulting in lower carbon creatio is using AI to drive energy and emissions savings for real estate

Y Combinator-backed is on a mission to accelerate the decarbonization of buildings by using AI-generated efficiency savings to encourage electrification of commercial real estate — w

Volvo Cars wants to make a concept car using ‘fossil-free’ steel

Volvo Cars wants to be climate-neutral by 2040, and it has set its sights on a major vehicle component that’s notoriously difficult to decarbonize: steel. The automaker has partnered with Swedish co

Looking to decarbonize the metal industry, Bill Gates-backed Boston Metal raises $50 million

Steel production accounts for roughly 8% of the emissions that contribute to global climate change. It is one of the industries that sits at the foundation of the modern economy and is one of the most