MoviePass introduces surge pricing for the summer

Starting in July, you might have to pay a little extra to see the newest blockbusters when using MoviePass . The movie subscription service has plans to instate surge pricing for non-annual subscriber

Tesla uses auto leases to raise $546 million in asset backed securities

Tesla is using its car leases as collateral for a big $546 million loan as it turns to debt markets to raise additional cash to combat the blistering burn rate of its auto and energy business, accordi

Apple offers more bonds to finance its $300 billion capital return program

Apple just started selling new bonds in order to finance a share buyback program and dividends for shareholders, as Bloomberg spotted in a filing. This is counterintuitive, as Apple is sitting on a bi

SEC shows support for ICOs that are not obviously securities

The SEC appears to have taken very thoughtful action on two crypto projects to date. Nay-sayers are predicting the end, while proponents of crypto dismiss the actions. Here's a quick analysis of what

Tally wants to automate your financial life, with managing credit cards as its first step

It's not easy to get out of credit card debt, but a startup called Tally wants to do just that, as its first step in helping to automate their personal finance. That company is launching a mobile ap

Trucker Path just lined up $30 million in debt to lend to the truckers on its platform

Trucker Path, a  three-year-old, Mountain View-based platform that helps connect drivers, brokers, shippers, and carriers, has just lined up $30 million in debt funding so it can start loaning some o

New reports confirm $1.15B leveraged loan raised by Uber at 5%

Two weeks ago, we reported that Uber was in talks to raise $1-2 billion in leveraged loans. The Wall Street Journal is circulating new information that the company has closed a $1.15 billion leverage

PeerStreet lowers barriers for accredited investors who want access to real estate debt

Vive la révolution financière! PeerStreet co-founders, Brew Johnson, Brett Crosby, and Alex Perelman, have been working alongside famed investors like Dr. Michael Burry to provide investors access

Google to restrict ads for payday loans

Google announced today that it will no longer allow payday lenders to advertise on its systems because the loans often come with high interest rates and quick repayment requirements that push borrower

Twitter To Raise Up To $1.5B In Debt Offering

Twitter wants more cash. The company announced two $650 million debt offerings in a filing today, each with a potential $100 increase provided that the sales are oversubscribed. Assuming full tip, in

Apple’s Massive Debt Offering Will Total $12B

Apple will raise $12 billion in debt, paying a 0.77 percent premium over Treasuries on the component 10-year notes. The offering will contain seven parts, with maturities ranging from three years to 3

With $500K In The Bank, Credible Launches A Kayak-Style Marketplace To Simplify Student Loan Refinancing

With outstanding student debt now over $1 trillion in the U.S., it’s clear that college grads are struggling mightily to make payments and refinance their debt. Meanwhile, thanks to decades of p

P2P Lending & Education: CommonBond Launches With $3.5M, Joining SoFi In Quest To Solve The Student Debt Crisis

Piggy-backing on the <a href="">recent launch (and massive funding) of SoFi</a>, a new startup is launching today that wants to breat

With New Payments Feature, ReadyForZero Begins To Automate Getting Americans Out Of Debt

Y Combinator-backed financial service <a target="_blank" href="">ReadyForZero</a>, which focuses on helping Americans pay down their $2.5 trillion in personal debt, is e

Now On Your iPhone, ReadyForZero Is Ready To Save You From Debt

YC alum <a href="">ReadyForZero</a>, an online financial service that's trying to get people out of debt faster, is today expanding to mobile with the launch of its first

ReadyForZero Helps Users Pay Off $12.5M In Debt; Now Launching Offers Platform

<a href="">ReadyForZero</a>, an online financial service (and YC alum) focused on addressing a real need - getting people out of debt faster - appears to be working. The co

Like Mint For People In Debt: ReadyForZero Now Supports Mortgages & Loans

Y Combinator alum <a href="">ReadyForZero</a> is rolling out an upgrade to its debt management service today, with new features that will now allow its users to centralize

Sprint finds potential buyers for Nextel

As Nextel continues to hemorrhage customers, Sprint is still trying to push it (and the accumulated debts) on someone else. According to the WSJ, they’ve received a handful of inquiries as of la

Danger Inc. in trouble, IPO coming soon

Had no idea Danger was in the hole $7.2 million. Most of us know Danger through the T-Mobile Sidekick brand, which utilizes the Palo Alto-based company’s software-as-service for data and Interne

Porn Destroys Amp'd Mobile

Amp’d Mobile is most likely shutting down today, July 31, and a list of assets for sale shows where the $360 million in VC went that caused the MVNO to file for Chapter 11. Of course, there’s the
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