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  • Financing growth with debt in the app economy Crunch Network

    Financing growth with debt in the app economy

    When it comes to obtaining financing to grow your app or game business, there are several options from which to choose that take a debt-based approach, rather than giving away equity in your business. Choosing the right type of financing is critical; making the wrong choice can be costly in both financial and non-financial terms. Read More

  • Pusher pulls in $2.5M to push live web and app content everywhere

    Pusher pulls in $2.5M to push live web and app content everywhere

    London-based Pusher, the company powering The NY Times’ live election results and DraftKing’s fantasy scoring results, just raised $2.5 million to up its stakes further. The money came from SaaS Capital, which focuses on debt financing aimed at the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. Read More

  • Understanding debt Crunch Network

    Understanding debt

    Without leverage, the private equity sector as we know it wouldn’t exist. While some tech execs and VCs recoil at the thought of using leverage, the truth is that the Innovation Economy has accessed debt for more than 35 years. Given that, debt is worth spending the time to understand. Read More

  • U.S.D.A. Giving INEOS Bio $75 Million Loan To Make Ethanol From Waste

    INEOS New Planet BioEnergy — a joint venture between the biofuels division of the chemicals company INEOS, and waste management and biofuel facility consultants New Planet Energy — secured a $75 million loan guarantee from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Biorefinery Assistance Program, the government agency confirmed today. The company plans to use the money to construct… Read More