YouTube: presidential debates were the most-watched political live streams ever

YouTube’s airing of the U.S. presidential debates via news organizations’ live streams have clocked in as the most-viewed political live streams of all time, the company says. That’s

NSA Debate: Greg Is Reasonable And Alex’s Libertarian Chest-Beating Is Silly

After a rabid debate about privacy vs. security on our internal message system, we decided to take the conversation about the National Security Agency public. In addition to the video debate above, we

First 2012 Presidential Debate Saw 10.3M Tweets And Gave Politics A New Dimension

Yes, we know that tonight was a record-setting night for Twitter. The first 2012 Presidential Debate was the most tweeted about political event in company history. Whether you care or not, this is sig

How TiVo saved last night

In case you didn’t notice, two chumps dominated every damn TV station last night and almost ruined my evening. They were spouting off during my prime TV viewing time and I didn’t feel like

Begging the question in the "Are gadgets making us dumber?" debate

This issue of whether technology enriches or impoverishes our intellectual capacity is by no means a simple one, and while my position is pretty much fixed, it’s good to read others’ opini

Breaking: Apple To Open Up FairPlay DRM To Accessory Manufacturers

Whoa Apple! First you were all “Get out of my shit!” with your proprietary iTunes DRM, now you’re all “Come into my humble abode.” What gives? Rumor ’round the mill