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  • EA's Dead Space Extraction for the Wii slated for September launch Ahead of E3, EA announced earlier today that Dead Space Extraction for the Wii will ship to retailers on September 29 in North America and on October 2 in Europe. If it’s anything like the original Dead Space then I’ll be waiting in line to get Extraction for the Wii. Developed at EA’s award-winning Visceral Games studio, Dead Space… Read More

  • EA smells a sucker, announces Dead Space DLC

    Are these really necessary? Flaming skins for your Line Gun? There are a few worthwhile upgrades, but still. The first round of DLC for EA’s Dead Space arrives for the Xbox on November 13 and the 20th for the PlayStation 3. Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Dead Space I don’t find it to repetitive at all, actually. I’m quite pleased.
    I don’t find it to repetitive at all, actually. I’m quite pleased&hellip… Read More

  • New MacBook might be good 'nough for casual gamers

      The new 13-inch MacBook wasn’t designed specifically for gaming but with the somewhat impressive NVIDIA 9400M at the graphics core, it should suffice for occasional gaming. The Obsessable chaps installed Warhammer Online through a 32GB Windows XP partition and came to the conclusion that the notebook does a fine job even with a modern, graphic intensive game. Still, with the… Read More

  • Review: Dead Space for Xbox 360

    My first hands-on with this action/horror shooter from EA Redwood Shores was at E3 where Devin and I were both dumbfounded by what we saw. I couldn’t stop talking about it for hours and Devin eventually told me to STFU. It was dark, gruesome and I had to have it, which is why I attempted to ‘accidentally’ walk away with a build during E3. The graphics and gameplay alone had… Read More

  • EA announces new ship date for Dead Space

    Umm. EA just announced that Dead Space is now coming out on the 14th of October and not the 21st, which they announced just before PAX. I have no qualms about it coming out 17 days earlier than expected, but I just wonder why and will they make another announcement next week saying it’s coming out on the 7th. The PC version is shipping on the 20th, though. Read More

  • EA's Dead Space coming a week early

    EA announced today in the UK that Dead Space would be releasing a week earlier than expected. The console version will hit store shelves on the 24th while the PC version is still set for October 31. There’s some speculation over the US release as it’s been reported elsewhere that it’s going to be the 21st, but IGN has it listed on the 20th. Either way, it’s coming a… Read More

  • EA's Deadspace being turned into comic book: survival horror for the obsessive

    [photopress:deadspacecomic.jpg,full,right] That space survival horror (wha?) game by EA, Deadspace, will have its own comic book series starting next month. Personally, I know little about the game (other than what’s on Wikipedia) and even less about comic books writ large. The guys behind the comic, Ben Templesmith and Antony Johnston, are famous in the comic book world (again, thank… Read More