DDoS mitigation

Bots are cheap and effective. One startup trolls them into going away

Bots are ruining the internet. When they’re not pummeling a website with usernames and passwords from a long list of stolen credentials, they’re scraping the price of hotels or train ticke

To fight election meddling, Google’s cyber unit Jigsaw extends its anti-DDoS protections to European politicos

Jigsaw, the cybersecurity-focused division owned by Google parent Alphabet, is now allowing political organizations in Europe to sign up for itsĀ anti-web-flooding technology for free. Until now, the

After seizing a major DDoS-for-hire site, Europol goes after its users

Last year, Europol and its many law enforcement partners took down and seized webstresser.org, one of the most notorious “booter” sites for launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) a

Oracle grabs Zenedge as it continues to beef up its cloud security play

Oracle announced yesterday that it intends to acquire Zenedge, a 4-year old hybrid security startup. They didn’t reveal a purchase price. With Zenedge, Oracle gets a security service to add it t