DDoS attacks

US authorities seize more domains linked to prolific DDoS-for-hire websites

U.S. authorities have seized 13 more domains linked to some of the world’s most popular DDoS-for-hire websites. These websites, also described as “booter” or “stressor” services, are markete

Shape Security’s latest product protects smaller businesses from credential stuffing

Shape Security has been helping big companies stay safe from fraudulent activities like password reuse and bot traffic on their publicly facing websites and apps. The company now wants to help smaller

Cloudflare now offers unmetered DDoS attack mitigation

Cloudflare turns seven this week and it wants to give your network a present. Should your website come under Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, it will never charge you additional fees, or (

The Mirai botnet’s internet takedown opens up a new market for attackers and defenders

When Amazon, Twitter, PayPal, Spotify and other major websites were rendered inaccessible on Friday, thousands of Americans learned firsthand what a DDoS attack feels like. DDoS is an unsophisticated

How massive DDoS attacks are undermining the Internet

Michael DeCesare Contributor Michael DeCesare is CEO of ForeScout. More posts by this contributor Modernizing our voting procedures to reflect 21st century realities On Friday morning, I awoke to find

How to prevent your IoT devices from being forced into botnet bondage

With more and more unguarded IoT devices becoming connected to the internet every day, malicious bot lords are having an easier time conscripting new recruits into their undyingly loyal armies of zomb

Feedly, Evernote And Others Become Latest Victims Of DDoS Attacks

Who have the DDoS attackers not hit, is the question? This morning, RSS reader and feed-syncing platform Feedly is being hit by a distributed denial-of-service attack, where again the criminals are at