Daytona wants to be an enterprise-grade GitHub Codespaces

A new company is setting out to “fill the enterprise void” left by GitHub Codespaces,” with a platform that enables companies to bring all their development environment endeavors in-

Blackberry 8300: Big Letdown IMO

The Boy Genius has once again been privy enough to get his hands on the newest Blackberry, the 8300, that I’ve been drooling over for the last two weeks. To be honest the initial reports just se

Blackberry Daytona Caught On Tape

I present to you dear readers, the Blackberry Daytona, live and in your face! Watch closely because it says “8800 Series” and previous reports slated it as an 8300. Daytona [via New Launch

Blackberry 8300 Daytona Leaked

The newest Blackberry device has been leaked and this is what RIM fanboys have been waiting for. The Daytona/8300 boasts a set of features we expected from the 8800, which were not present, but we did