David McIntosh

  • Riffsy’s David McIntosh On Why GIFs Are A Language

    Why GIFs Are A Language

    Riffsy CEO David McIntosh doesn’t think GIFs are a novelty — he thinks they’re the harbinger of a new form of communicating emotion over the Internet. “The beauty of GIFs is if someone texts you ‘what’s up,’ you might send back ‘hey, I’m ok’ and people might think something’s wrong,” McIntosh says. “Or you can… Read More

  • With TV Everywhere, It’s All About Discovery

    With TV Everywhere, It’s All About Discovery

    200 million connected TV devices will cumulatively ship in the next 18 months, and combined with Xbox (23 million+ Live customers), PS3, Wii, and devices like Apple TV and Roku, about 300 million Connected TVs will be in living rooms in the next 18 months. That’s as many TVs connected to the Internet as Android devices in the market today. In other words, the Connected TV ecosystem today… Read More