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  • Techstars’ David Cohen on fund strategy Crunch Network

    Techstars’ David Cohen on fund strategy

    Uber, Twilio, Sendgrid. These are just some of the incredible companies David Cohen invested in with his first fund, Bullet Time Ventures. In our latest interview with Cohen, we reveal some of the strategies behind what is now considered to be one of the best performing funds in history. Portfolio diversification Although a commonly regarded principle of investing, the importance of this… Read More

  • In Race to Build Kid-Activity Subscription Services, Pearachute Raises $1.2 Million

    In Race to Build Kid-Activity Subscription Services, Pearachute Raises $1.2 Million

    They’re starting to crop up here and there, new startups that have appropriated the monthly class-pass model and are focused on children’s activities. Last month, a New York-based startup called KidPass announced $325,000 in seed funding, including from serial entrepreneur Kevin Ryan. Meanwhile, Brooklyn-based The Kids Passport, which caters to local families and launched in… Read More

  • In The Belly Of The TechStars Beast. Have Seed Valuations Gone Insane? (TCTV)

    Earlier today, I dropped by the TechStars NY office to check out some of the startups in its inaugural class in New York City before they do their big Demo Day next week. The place was buzzing, and the startups I saw were all way more polished than I expected. I wasn’t the only one there to get an early peek. Rich Miner of Google Ventures and Mark Suster of GRP (and also a regular… Read More

  • UpNext Scores $500,000 From Chris Sacca And Others For 3D Mobile Mapping

    Mapping is a big boy’s game, with Google Maps, Bing Maps, and MapQuest dominating maps on both the Web and mobile. But sometimes it takes a startup to push things forward. 3D mobile mapping startup UpNext is hoping to get on the map, so to speak, with its detailed 3D maps of cities and venues like the Super Bowl stadium. The New York city startup, which has been around since 2007… Read More