Salesforce Joins Datahug’s $4M Series-A, While Valley VCs Love Its ‘Who Knows Who’ Platform

<a href="">Last</a> October, <a target="_blank" href="">Datahug</a>, a ‘

Datahug Secures €2.5M To Scale Its Deep Contact Finding Service To The US

<a target="_blank" href="">Datahug</a>, a 'business networking automation' startup, <a href="

Is DataHug’s Social CRM App Turning Into The VC’s Secret Weapon?

A lot of people are going after something that's been dubbed the social CRM - companies like the much written about <a href="">Brewster</a> for instance. But there

Dublin’s Datahug Raises $1.5 Million From Ron Conway, VC Firm

Enterprise relationship startup <a href="">Datahug</a> has scored <a href="">$1.5 million</a> in a seed funding round led by Ireland-bas

DataHug aims to map digital business relationships

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DataHug Aims To Map Digital Business Relationships

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