• The Datacolor Spyder3HDMI calibrates your HDTV through HDMI

    Datacolor has been in the HDTV and computer monitor calibrating scene for some time now. Its latest model, the Spyder3HDMI, is just the latest calibration tool in a long line. This model, however, has a clever new trick: it doesn’t need a computer or DVD player. Nope, the Spyder3HDMI feeds all the necessary color targets and dialogs directly into the HDTV. Hopefully it works as well as… Read More

  • Datacolor SpyderTV Hands On

    Prior to sitting down to view that yearly bacchanal of violence and beer last night, the SAG Awards (I TiVo-ed it, natch), I decided to whip out the SpyderTV by Datacolor to calibrate my 56-inch JVC DLP. One of the major issues I’ve always had with this HD TV is that standard definition TV always looks washed out and messy, especially when running through the TiVo. In order to at least… Read More