Luminary Cloud’s simulator taps GPUs to help speed up product design

Simulations are an essential step in physical product engineering. They enable engineers to create prototypes and understand how they might perform in the real world, accounting for factors like aerod

Microsoft and Meta join Google in using AI to help run their data centers

Data centers, which drive the apps, websites and services that billions of people use every day, can be hazardous places for the workers that build and maintain them. Workers sometimes have to service

HPE adds recommendations to AI tech from Nimble acquisition

When HPE acquired Nimble Storage in March for a cool billion dollars, it knew it was getting some nifty flash storage technology. But it also got Nimble’s InfoSight artificial intelligence capab

Google unleashes DeepMind on energy-hungry data center, cutting cooling bill by 40%

DeepMind may be a master at one of the most complex games on Earth, but can it handle the day-to-day energy concerns of a Google datacenter? Yes, as it turns out, and with a vengeance.

Keep your datacenter green with AMD's quad-core Opteron

If you’re a datacenter manager with power consumption on your list of things to reduce, then you’re in luck. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced Monday it will be releasing, low-power(H