data theft

  • Type much? Watch out for data-thieving lasers and power outlets

    Articles like this make me glad I lead a relatively boring life and rarely type anything interesting enough to steal (or even read?) into my computer. Hackers will demonstrate a couple new methods of data theft at Black Hat USA 2009 in Vegas later this month. Both methods involve reading which individual keyboard keys are struck from afar. One method reads the impulses through electrical… Read More

  • NTT develops anti-Tempest device to improve computer security

    All computer screens emit electromagnetic waves that can be intercepted by criminals who then use the data to reconstruct what is displayed. Research on the topic is largely classified. But it’s not a secret that even distances of 100 meters and more between the attacker and the target PC can still be critical, depending on the equipment used and the surrounding area (walls, large… Read More