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WarpStream is building a cheaper, cloud-native data streaming service

When the open source streaming service Apache Kafka was created in 2011 at LinkedIn, it was a different world. Most companies were still on prem. The notion of cloud computing was just beginning to em

Streaming data processing platform RisingWave lands $36M to launch a cloud service

RisingWave Labs, a company developing a platform for data stream processing, today announced that it raised $36 million in a Series A funding round led by Yunqi Partners, undisclosed corporate investo

DataStax proves it’s still possible to raise nine-figures at higher valuation in 2022

When DataStax hired Chet Kapoor as CEO in October 2019, one of the first moves he made was to bring in his old pal Sam Ramji to be chief strategy officer, someone he had worked with for many years and

AWS launches Kinesis Analytics for analyzing real-time streaming data

Amazon’s AWS cloud computing platform today launched Kinesis Analytics, a new¬†service that makes it easier to analyze real-time streaming data with the help of standard SQL queries. Kinesis Ana